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New !

Wood Mouldings

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These molds look and function just like any other wooden carvings, but when they are warmed up by the use of a hairdryer / hot air blower, they become flexible and bendable and keep the chosen form when cooled down.  They can be easily fitted to any uneven or curved surface by use of wood glue and they can be reshhaped any number of times.

Coloured Waxes

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Pattern rollers

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Metallic Paints

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Salty Patina

Salty Patina Effect Powder creates a chipped effect and a rough surface reminiscent of painted wood that has suffered from wind, sun and weather. This unique product is composed of salt and minerals.  Mix the power with your first coat of Vintage Paint to create a beautiful weathered look on your furniture.

11 € / pot 100gr

28 € / pot 400gr

Stain blocker

Stain blocker 24 € per pot of 200ml
Stain blocker 24 € per pot of 200ml

Stain Blocker prevents bleeding in your new paint layer and creates a sealing layer.  

Some woods have a strong coloured tannin acid that rises when paint is applied.

Professional Paint Brushes

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Wall paper

Wall paper for your walls but also to brighten up panels on your furniture or in drawers.

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Vintage paint

Vintage paint is easy to apply and without having to sand first!  Clean water based paint with the label ecology and EU certified for kid's toys and furniture.  Vintage paint is Vegan, allergy friendly, no odour, no ammonia and lead free. It's texture is smooth, creamy and provides a beautiful matte result..

Price of 100ml pot : 10 €

Price of 700ml pot :  34 €

And for some colours, a 2,5 litre pot is available at 105 € - contact us for more information


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint